To identify with our clients' needs, concerns and aspirations and to enable them to achieve their objectives in the most effective manner through innovative legal strategy and efficient utilization of legal procedures;

To deliver cutting edge quality, with the assistance of passionate and driven professionals who identify with the vision and aspirations of the organization;

To identify with the professional and personal aspirations of all colleagues, integrate them with those of the organization and achieve them collectively;

To enable colleagues to exploit their entrepreneurial and administrative skills by setting up branches and verticals to be independently managed by them;

To be in a position to establish, run and support an independent pro bono division for the poor and the needy;

To act as litigation partners for law firms sharing our vision;

To conduct public interest litigations for the betterment of the city;

To be the first among the equals, sharing our vision.


Vidhi is capable of several meanings, viz. destiny, process, law. We collectively decided to partner in this dream and name it “VIDHII”. The additional 'i', we felt, would lend support to our destiny.

Vidhii commenced its journey with the core belief “A Lawyer is a Lawyer is a Lawyer”. The belief is founded on the principle that if divisions in areas of practice such as corporate law, intellectual property law etc. were required, the Advocates Act, the Legislature and the Regulatory Authorities would have recognized the same. With this belief, we proceeded to delve in every facet and aspect of law, conducted litigations in Courts and legal foras, advised clients on investing in India, conducted due diligences for Companies including ARCs, Banks and Real Estate Companies for takeovers, buyouts and investments.

We propose to continue the journey and explore recent and new enactments and Regulations/Laws with the help of a team that has grown manifold over years.